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Marc MillerMarc Miller Sun Jul 24 2022

Experiencing the Canon M50 MKII + EF-M 22mm Lens

Since the pandemic, my need for a higher quality camera became a priority. I needed something for shooting video, taking photos, and (which I admit is overkill) a way to up the quality of my video calls. Enter the Canon M50 MKII paired with the EF-M 22mm pancake lens. What Are My Use Cases? My […]

Marc MillerMarc Miller Mon Jan 28 2019

Mastering Productivity Working Remote

I think all developers can agree – and probably most of the reason that we get into this type of work – is the potenial for working from our homes full-time and making a decent income. Arguably this type of work environment can be more challenging if you do not make great strides to ensure you keep your productivity a top priority during certain hours of the day.


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