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My name is Marc R. Miller and I’m a full-stack developer, UI/UX designer, and marketer based out of Atlanta, GA.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my site and discover who I am! Below you can find an outline of my current skills, tools I use, and other things I’m great at doing.

Current Skills & Toolkit

Below is a clear outline of my current professional arsenal.

Management & Communication

  • Team Leader & Manager: I have experience leading a team to success. While not everything should be a meeting and most could definitely be in an email – I understand what it takes to keep the team in check from a personal and professional standpoint.
  • Excellent Team Player: When not managing, I do enjoy being part of a winning team. Contributing to the conversation, listening to others, helping out when needed (even not if being asked) all are which I love to do.
  • Excellent Public Speaker: I have lots of experience showcasing products, services, and more in front of a crowd.
  • Clear and Concise Verbal and Written Communication: This involves everything from a simple email to an in-person meeting. Clarity is key, and I excel at the art of explanation.
  • Experience in Agile & Waterfall Environments: My work spans 10 years and within that time, I have experienced both the agile and waterfall methodologies in practice. For what it’s worth, the agile method is my preferred way to go. 😉


  • WordPress Multisite: Specializing in custom development for franchise businesses (or multi-location businesses) looking for a way to easily and effortlessly maintain small to MASSIVE networks that do work for them.
  • WordPress Multisite Plugins: Typically, with the above mentioned, you’ll need some custom plugins to help out with what is necessary (every client is different). In most cases these plugins are to help hone the management of the network itself.
  • WordPress Custom Themes: Sometimes, someone just wants a custom theme. I can do that.
  • WordPress Custom Plugins
  • WooCommerce integration & Customization: If you’re looking for an ecommerce solution, WooCommerce is a powerful answer. I have worked with this platform with businesses simply selling coffee to large subscription based services that heavily rely on it to process thousands of dollars per week.
  • Decoupled (Headless) WordPress Themes: My go-to at the moment is Frontity which is a fantastic framework for headless WordPress projects. Some of the benefits of working with a headless theme are the insane speed, the awesome security, and the absolute stellar ease of development between multiple developers versus old school theme development.

Frameworks & Languages

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery (I don’t like using this anymore 😱)
  • Git
  • React
  • WordPress
  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)
  • Genesis Framework
  • Frontity
  • Bootstrap

Tools & Applications

  • Visual Studio(VS) Code
  • XCode
  • MAMP Pro
  • Filezilla, Cyberduck
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • MacOS Terminal
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere
  • OBS
  • NextCloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Cloudways
  • Vercel
  • Cloudflare


Admittedly, marketing has been something I have slowly grown to understand over time. It wasn’t my number one priority but as projects come and go and time goes on, you kind of get the hang of what is going on and learn some sweet skills. Here’s what I’m currently comfortable doing in this realm:

  • On-Page SEO: This includes keywords, meta descriptions, internal linking (other pages and blog posts), high quality page content, title tags, alt text, and proper URL structure.
  • Landing Page Design: Over the years I have learned what types of landing page layouts work, the elements that allow them to work, and how to monitor the performance.
  • MailChimp: Integrating with any website in need of any type of lead capture.
  • SharpSpring: A powerful tool used to capture leads, create flows, handle newsletters, and more.
  • Google Analytics: Properly integrating, creating goals, monitoring, etc.


Accessibility is more important than ever and is something that should not only be considered but used without fail. Not only to just be a good person and allow others with disabilities to navigate the internet comfortably, but there are some nasty attorneys out there that spend their days scouring the internet with a comb to find the ones who have not yet become compliant.

I could rattle off here every single thing I would do when it comes to preparing or reviewing accessibility on a web project, but instead of doing that I’ll just say I’m quite familiar with the W3C standard and the tools available that help gain compliance. With the combination of those things, plus the help of a great CDN in some cases, you can put your non-compliance nightmares to rest.

Let’s Work Together!

Now I hope you have a crystal clear understanding of who I am, how I work, and what you can expect. If you have any questions for me or want to discuss a project you have in mind, feel free to get in touch with me here.

Stuff I'm Great At!

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