Experiencing the Canon M50 MKII + EF-M 22mm Lens

By Marc Miller

on Sun Jul 24 2022


Since the pandemic, my need for a higher quality camera became a priority. I needed something for shooting video, taking photos, and (which I admit is overkill) a way to up the quality of my video calls. Enter the Canon M50 MKII paired with the EF-M 22mm pancake lens.

What Are My Use Cases?

My use cases for this setup are like most people I imagine – a little bit of everything. As of right now though, it definitely leans more heavily on the work side of things. In the future though, I hope to have a few street photography sessions and perhaps play around with astrophotography.

Video Calls

Video calls are where I get most use from this camera. After all, my job is 100% virtual and I have tons of face time with clients – usually multiple meetings per day. I needed a high quality solution to help increase my value and this was the perfect rig.

The camera is paired with the official Canon webcam kit, the webcam utility for MacOS, and all powered through the OBS Studio app.

Canon M50 MKII Using the Official Webcam Kit + OBS


When it comes to photography, this lens is awesome in a ton of different ways. The three biggest for me are the low profile (you can almost fit this entire setup in your winter jacket pocket!), the low light capability, and the awesome macro. The lens really shines when you’re trying to get some close-up and intimate shots of food or products; not to mention how well it performs in low-light or nighttime situations. It’s a really fantastic “well rounded” go-to lens that you can use in nearly all situations.

Canon M50 MKII + EF-M 22mm Lens | Quick Edit in Adobe Lightroom


Personally, I think the video capability with the 22mm is pretty great. For close-up, talking head videos that you want to feel more personal, this lens is perfect for that. Not too much distortion and just the right about of bokeh. Once I have the time to shoot a quick video, I’ll upload it here as an example.

Wrapping Up

So in short, this lens is pretty close to perfect for someone like me who is pretty terrible at photography or shooting video in general. The end result is always greater than I expected, so I find it really fun to use.

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