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Check it out. I'm headed to Mars!


I think all developers can agree - and probably most of the reason that we get into this type of work - is the potenial for working from our homes full-time and making a decent income. Arguably this type of work environment can be more challenging if you do not make great strides to ensure you keep your productivity a top priority during certain hours of the day.


So off the bat, I'm going to assume you have already migrated or bought your domain on Google Domains and created an email alias forwarding to your Gmail address.

As you're probably aware, if someone were to email the alias email, it will send straight to your Gmail address. The problem is if you were to reply, it would be from your Gmail email address - and not your alias - and that is just plain ugly.


Alrite. How goes it?

Enzo rules. This is Enzo. He's the coolest.

Glad you made it. Over time, I'll post a few tutorials which I find useful, perhaps a story or two, and maybe even a meme. We'll see. Enjoy.

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