About Me

Glad you made it!

Hi! I'm Marc R. Miller, a 30-something year old Atlanta, GA transplant who has been in the design and development industry for nearly 10 years. My development experience spans from the early days programming Kollmorgen servomotors, to teaching myself web languages so I could eventually build the business website and market it appropriately.

How did I get here?

During this experience I discovered my love for programming, design, development, and user experience. This was all very important in what I did and I was very good at it, but I wanted to make it official and go back to school so I could finely sharpen these skills. I went to back to school once again and earned another Associates of Science in Computer Programming & Analysis from Saint Johns River State College in St. Augustine, FL. During this same time, I earned more certificates than I can count regarding networking, development, software, etc... Also, just to note, I'm still continuing education (slowly but surely since work tends to be a priority) and earning my B.S. online from the same school.

My Work Experience.

To mention work experience a bit, I had my first official gig (internship turn job offer) years ago at a great BioTech company called NeuroInitiative where I was assigned to developing and tightly integrating a new website with their neuro simulation platform called SEED. Since my work those years ago, the site has gone through many changes, but you can view how it originally looked in my portfolio. After Neuroinitiative, I began working at a Jacksonville, FL based marketing agency called Multiverse Media Group (MVMG) where I am currently lead developer and head of the web development department, project manager, (occasional) blogger, and a touch of sales.


I guess it's important for me to give a quick run-down of what I'm good at. Here's a quick list.

Web Languages

This is where I shine.

OTHER Languages

I definitely have experience with these languages and there are a few tools listed below which I use them (Unity, specifically when building games or Python when writing simple scripts).

Content Management Systems

Custom theme and plugin development within...


Version Control

Work Environments


What is Marc's Web Studio?

Marc's Web Studio is my personal project website, portfolio, blog, and little corner of the internet where I can test weird integrations and just do whatever I want. This is where I send people when they need to get an idea of just who I am and what I do. Hopefully this gets the point across. :)

Want to talk?

Click the chat bubble to the right - that cool feature goes straight to my Slack app where I will respond ASAP. That or send me an email using the form in the footer below.